How to select the right pneumatic cylinders?

Pneumatic cylinders are widely used and this is one of the great innovations which have made our life easy. Pneumatic cylinder is also known as air pneumatic cylinder.

This product is used extensively as this is durable, affordable, and clean and it’s very easy to maintain and install. When you want to move your products it can be used.

Using this you can easily push, load, lift and rotate your product. But when you are selecting cylinders you should be really careful and you should know your specification well so that you can choose the best product.

There are thousands types of cylinders. When you choose the right product it makes your job easy and ensures good performance. Choosing the right product can also reduce the expenses.

When you are buying any product you must check the load, force factor and speed. Choosing the pneumatic cylinder manufacturers plays an important role.

Factors that you should keep in mind:

  • There are different types of pneumatic cylinders and it is a sealed tube. It contains road, piston which extends through opening to the end.When you are choosing cylinder first you need to know the perfect size so that you get the right cylinder. It comes in different types such as single acting cylinder, double acting cylinder or long stroke pneumatic cylinder.
  • Cylinder load is the main consideration when you are choosing the cylinder. Piston area multiplied by the air pressure will give you the available force.If you choose oversized component that may cause unnecessary expense. The bore size always determines force. It is always important to determine the bore size. It is also important to check the cylinder’s size whether it fits into smaller spaces or not.

    Speed is really important and you must always check the whether the double acting pneumatic cylinder is capable of giving the right speed or not.

  • Calculation of cylinder’s air consumption is really very important. You must always ensure that there is enough air supply available. In every cylinder, you will see two parts to cylinder air consumption.One is the volume at the piston’s display and the other is the end.It’s the best to ensure that compressor has sufficient capacity so that it can supply pneumatic equipment under “worst case” conditions.
  • Checking the seal material is also important. Manufacturers uses variety of methods to seal the end caps. Designers also specify alternative seal materials that operate in extreme high or low ambient temperatures so you must check the seal.

When you are buying any cylinder you must keep this thing in mind so that you are able to make the right choice.When you want to choose the right cylinder you must keep in mind your requirement well so that you can choose the right single acting pneumatic cylinder.

You should also choose the right manufacturer. It is really important to buy the right product which will help you to get your job done easily. E-pneumatic company is best known for their cylinders. You can do some research online before you buy the right product.

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