4 Important Tips to keep in Mind while Setting up a Business

Many people, especially young and few middle-aged are starting up businesses nowadays. Absolutely, the nice returns do seem great, but there is a lot of hard work that goes into setting up a business. If you are new to setting up a business of your own, here are 5 must important points that you need to keep in mind.

Building in a hand businessmen

Proper Planning

You can’t just go ahead and start off a business, if you do in such a way, many things can go haphazard. Hence, it’s better to plan properly before starting any work. During your planning process, you can take various factors into account, such as the space required for sitting, number of people who will be starting the venture, marketing techniques required initially.

Bootstrapping or Funding

How are you looking to start up your venture, this means by way of bootstrapping, through your personal savings or via funding. If you are looking for funding, you need to make a proper business plan in which you have to get in touch with venture capitalists or Angel Investors and pitch your idea to them. If they like it, they will be more than happy to invest in your company.


Since initially, you won’t be having a lot of money for marketing, hence you can plan out ways to maintain a fixed budget for marketing, post which you shouldn’t go ahead. Offline and online marketing both are required at the initial stage.


When your business is new and you are in the development phase, maintaining a proper budget is very essential. With a proper budget only you will be able to know whether or not your venture is running in profit.